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Create a New View

Create a View

There are several ways to view your applications!  In both the “My Positions” and the “Talent” tab you are able to manipulate what you see and how you can use the list of applications to better serve your needs.

My Positions Tab

Choose a position>Click “Create New View”>

(1)    Name it


(2)    Choose the fields you must have


(3)    Choose the fields you’d like to view


(4)    Choose if you want to be the only one to see it or if you are going to share it with everyone that views the system

(5)    Click Submit



From here, you can select and do mass rejections by date, invite Indeed Apply Applicants, see only applicants from a certain date range and countless other possibilities.

Talent Tab

Go directly to “Create New View”

Follow 1 – 5 above

Please note that while you can do several things in this tab, such as but not limited to, inviting Indeed Apply Applicants, you are not able to do mass rejections.  Rather, you can use the Change Stage function to note who you’d like to reject and “Take Action” later.  Change Stage does not actually reject them on the system, it’s simply a note tool such as the stars that you can add to applications.


If there is a view you’d like to create and need some guidance, please feel free to ask our Customer Success Specialist team at