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Creating and Posting Your Positions

  • Building Your Library
    • Once you have logged in to your site and start getting comfortable with using it, it is recommended that you create your own templates for the positions you want to post. It's important that job applications are a reflection of your brand and what it's like to work for your company, and who better to know that than you!
  • Creating a template
    • Once you are logged in, at the top of the screen there is a tab that says “Library”. Here is where you will create and edit all of your templates for your positions.
    • Once in the library section of your site, it will bring you to the main page titled “Positions Templates”. To create a new template, click “New” which will offer two options, either “Folder” or “Position Template”. You want to click position template which will propagate a screen asking how you would like to add a new position to your library.


  • From this question, you have three options: duplicate and modify one of the templates in my library, import a template from the community library, or build a template from scratch. Duplicating and modifying a template in your library essentially means that you are creating a new template of one that already exists to which you can edit to create a new position from that already exists. Importing a template from the community library allows you to create a position from a preloaded template to where you can customize it to suit your hiring needs. As the title suggests, creating a template from the final option is an option to totally customize a blank template which is very helpful for when you are hiring a less common and more specific position.



  • Posting The Positions
    • Once you have created the positions, they will be propagated in the library for you to actually post.
    • When you complete the template for the position, it will be located in the tab at the top of the Position Templates section of the library titled “Imported from Community Library”. Clicking that section will drop down and you will be able to see the template you created. Click the box to the left of the four digit code, which is known as the Position I.D. number, then “Take Action” above and assign it to your location.
    • Once it is assigned, head to the My Positions tab to post the position.