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Forwarding Applicant Files

Forwarding an applicant’s file is a great idea if you’re looking for feedback from another manager. But it’s important to realize that you cannot transfer an applicant to another store

Take a look at Agatha’s application below.


If an applicant applies to Store X, you cannot onboard them at Store Y or Store Z. They must submit another application to the store where you want them to work. Of course, you’re always free to hire them at another store, but unless the applicant submits a new application to that store, their WyckWyre application will always reflect the store information for which they originally applied.

Once you decide to forward the file, you have two options – you can forward it to a registered user or you can forward it to an external email. Let’s look at the two options and understand the difference between the two of them.

Registered Users
A person will show up on the ‘Registered User’ list only if they are assigned to location. So, for instance, if the manager at Store X is trying to share an application with the manager at Store Z, she will NOT be able to use the registered user method.


When you forward an applicant’s file using the registered user method, this is what the recipient sees:


Notice that the file comes as a link inside an email. This link will take the applicant directly to the hiring site, where they will see a full version of the application and they can make notes and process the applicant. Again, if hired, the applicant will remain attached to the original location where she applied.


External Email Address

This is the method that most managers will use to share files. See below for how to enter the desired manager’s email:


When a user forwards a file using this method, this is what the recipient will see:


The application is received as an attachment in PDF format. The user can then click the link and make notes about the applicant on her file, but she cannot hire or process the applicant in anyway on the WyckWyre site. If you’d like to process the applicant at a different store, that applicant will have to reapply to that store.