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Free Craigslist Ads: The Best Practices for Optimal Results

Want to boost your applicant flow with the best applicants out there? There are a few best practices we suggest to. Studies have shown that visibility has everything to do with the day of the week the ads go out. Job seekers have a much higher tendency to look for jobs in the beginning of the week and taper off as the weekend creeps closer. So what does that mean for you? We highly suggest creating a craigslist schedule, posting ads on Mondays and Wednesdays. In doing so, you maximize visibility and the chance to reach the most amount of potential applicants! Monday is the optimal day to post the ads, and the ads can be refreshed every 48 hours and they last up to 45 days.

What can be included in the ads? The ads can be customized to your location and include an approved image of your choosing. Also, a hyperlink to the direct position you are seeking to highlight can be added so the applicant can copy and paste the link into their web browser and begin the application process. Per Craigslist terms, only one hyperlink can be added to each posting, otherwise you run the risk of being flagged and subsequently will be unable to post the ad!

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