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Indeed Apply


Indeed Apply is a feature that facilitates candidates to apply from their mobile devices.  While these devices account for almost 50% of job searches, it is not always possible to apply from the device.

With this feature, candidates can complete hard and soft skills and submit a resume, if one is required.  The applicant is then automatically invited, by email, to complete the application when they can get to a computer.


  • Any device is a bridge to an application
  • Indeed Apply option makes your jobs more inviting in search results
  • Yields higher conversion rates for employers
  • It is a popular feature that is continuously being tested and optimized
  • You are not changing anything in your hiring process except the occasional re-invitation of applicants

Recommended actions

Under Application Type, there are two types of application – Full & Indeed Apply.


Invite the applicant again at least 1-2 more times.  Not everyone remembers to complete something the first time.  About 4% of applicants complete their application after the automatic invitation.  Another 10% trend reflects those that completed after being invited 1-2 more times.  Some customers have seen up to 30% increase on applications that have come through Indeed Apply.  A view can be created to make re-inviting easier.

If after 1-2 weeks the applicant has not completed their application, reject them – as they have shown no further interest.