Stages | WyckWyre


Stages is a great feature within your applications to notate an account.  Selecting a stage does not take any action within the account, but provides you with an easy way to let others know the state of an applicant.  This is especially useful if there are multiple managers working with one location.

Default Stages are: 

  • Received (automatically assigned when an application is submitted)
  • Qualified
  • Interviews Complete
  • References Complete
  • Hired
  • Rejected

To assign a Stage, go to a user profile, select the Stages tab, and assign a stage from the drop down menu.


Your stages can be customized!  If there is any step that you'd like to see added, contact

Remember, Stages are only for notations.  For example, selecting the Hired or Rejected Stages will not complete the action in the applicants file.  To do so, the Hire and Reject tabs need to be accessed, and the action taken from there.