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Adding New Users

  • After your account is set up and you’ve logged on, you can begin adding or deleting users at your discretion, thus giving you more control in the hiring aspect of your locations within your business.
    • If you are a system administrator, you can add a new user by accessing the Admin tab within your login. Once you click here, you will be prompted to type in the desired email address and choose the user role you wish this user to have. You can also add more than one user at a time by clicking the plus sign.
  • Deleting an Existing User
    • Once you have determined you want to delete a user, it is very simple to do. You simply go to the same section where you created a new user and go to the name of the user you wish to delete. Put your cursor over their name and at the far right side, a few options will pop up. You must first pause or deactivate the user by hitting the pause sign. This will cause the user name to go grey. After this, you will then be able to delete the user by clicking the “x” on the far right side of the options. Be sure you are certain you wish to delete this individual as the site will not ask if you are sure before going ahead with this. In the event you accidently delete someone, it is easy to create the user a new login.
  • What Each Role Means
    • System Administrator - As a system administrator, you are able to use the site and totally customize it to your standards. This includes setting up new users, creating and editing positions, being able to view the site as any of the users on the site, resetting passwords and much more!
    • Manager – The manager role is limited in that this role is unable to access the library or the admin tab. They are also able to view the positions and locations they have been assigned to according to the System Administrator. Managers are able to hire and reject applicants.
    • Standard User – Like the manager role, the standard user is also unable to access the library or the admin tab.
    • Read Only – This role, as the name suggests, is only able to view the site and are not able to perform any actions.
    • User roles can be customized, and more can be added by clicking the User Roles tab
  • Limiting Which Positions Your Users Can See
    • As outlined before, go to the Admin Tab, and click assignments on the left. Once that is complete, go to the location for the User you are assigning. Instead of clicking the city, click the box in front of the specific positions you want the User to see. Many District Managers do not wish their Managers to see General Manager applications and Assistant Managers, which is why knowing how to limit what they see is so useful.